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An 18-wheeler accident is a terrifying experience that can send shockwaves throughout your life and leave you feeling stranded. The injuries and auto damage caused by these semi-truck accidents are among the worst possible.

Let our Houston truck accident attorneys help you recover. 

We’re dedicated to protecting the rights of truck accident victims, helping them return to their lives, and holding negligent truck drivers and companies accountable for the serious harm they cause. Whether you were hurt in a rollover, a jackknife truck accident, or any other 18-wheeler wreck, you can count on us for honest advice and exceptional representation.

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Houston Truck AccIdent Help

On this page, we’ll cover what to do after a truck accident, some common causes of truck accidents, trucking industry laws, truck accident liability, how to find the best Houston truck accident lawyer, and more frequently asked questions. 

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My Car Was Hit by an 18-Wheeler - Now What?

18-wheeler wrecks are devastating. We understand your world may be spinning in the immediate aftermath, but a Houston truck accident lawyer can help you pick up the pieces. 

6 important steps to take if you’ve been in a truck crash:

1. Move to safety:

If you are able to get out of your vehicle, move out of the path of traffic immediately.

2. Take Photos of the wreck:

Use your phone to take photos of the accident scene and damage. Take close-ups and wide shots.

3. Swap Insurance Information:

Get the insurance information, names, and phone numbers of all other drivers involved.

4. Call 911:

Even if you don’t need an ambulance, you want police to respond to the scene so they can file a crash report with the Houston police department. This report will be vital for your truck accident claim later.

5. Contact a local 18-wheeler accident lawyer:

Don’t speak with an insurance agency until you’ve have an attorney review your damages. Without proper legal counsel, you risk being tricked and taken advantage of.

6. Seek Medical Treatment ASAP:

Even if you don’t “feel” hurt, you need to be assessed by a medical professional. Many serious injuries can go unnoticed until it’s too late. If you are worried about paying for medical care, our lawyers may be able to connect you to the resources you need and schedule appointments at no upfront costs.

Evidence could be lost with every passing second. Don’t hesitate. Contact an experienced Houston truck wreck attorney today to build your case and get the money you deserve.




    How to Find the Best Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

    Simply put, the best 18-wheeler accident attorney is one who has extensive experience in commercial truck accident cases.

    With over 20 years of victories under our belt and an in-depth knowledge of the Houston area, we’ve helped thousands of people recover from catastrophic truck crashes. Our next victory could be yours!

    4 Common causes of Truck Accidents

    500,000 crashes a year involve trucks. Why?


    1. Fatigue behind the wheel:

    Truck drivers are at the wheel for long hours at a time, with little rest. Without the quality sleep that they need, drivers can doze off or lose focus, potentially causing a motor vehicle accident. According to the The Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), 13% of crashes are caused by driver fatigue.

    2. Alcohol and Drugs:

    In order to stay awake while driving, some drivers turn to drugs and alcohol. These choices can cause the driver to make risky decisions, leading to a crash. According to Reuters, 50% of truck drivers admitted to drinking on the job, while 30% admitted to taking amphetamines.

    3. Distracted Driving:

    Truck drivers are in a vehicle for many hours, and it gets boring. They may choose to text or focus on something else to entertain themselves, taking their attention off of the road. 2,841 people were killed by distracted driving in 2018, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA.)

    4. Maintenance Issues:

    Trucks are supposed to be inspected before they begin their journey. However, this takes time and sometimes is sacrificed so that a delivery can be made. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) found that 27% of trucks in a crash had brake problems.

    Driving is dangerous. Stay informed and make the road a safer place!

    Why Are Semi Trucks So Dangerous?

    The answer comes down to simple physics. Semi trucks have blind spots aplenty, they make wide turns, and their intimidating size and heavy cargo loads are also problematic. 

    All that extra weight means more momentum, and more momentum means they are slower to react and need more time to come to a complete stop. They are also prone to rollover accidents. 

    These large vehicles can be unwieldy even when trained drivers are behind the wheel.

    What Causes Most Semi-Truck Accidents?

    Most truck accidents are caused by preventable human errors.[1] These errors can involve several forms of negligence, including but not limited to:

    • Trucker negligence: Truckers may fail to obey traffic laws or trucking regulations. This negligence includes everything from speeding to violating cargo loading rules to failing to maintain and inspect trucks. These violations can result in serious 18-wheeler accidents, injury, and even death.
    • Motor carrier negligence: Trucking companies that don’t comply with federal regulations or provide proper safety training can wind up putting unsafe truckers on the road. 
    • Other motorist errors: Truckers may not be the only drivers acting recklessly on the road. Any other motorist may be impaired, distracted, fatigued, or just plain careless. This can cause a pile-up or chain reaction that results in an 18-wheeler wreck as well.
    • Other forms of negligence: Several other parties – from cargo loaders and shippers to road maintenance teams and truck maintenance technicians – may also fail to take the proper precautions when doing their jobs. These weak links in the chain can play a role in causing semi-truck crashes and can take thorough investigation to discover.

    When another party’s negligence has hurt you in a truck accident, it’s critical to talk to our Houston truck accident lawyers and find out more about your legal options.

    How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help Me?

    When you’re ready to file a claim, our Houston truck accident attorneys can help with so much! We’re ready to:

    • Clearly explain your rights and options
    • Identify every party at fault for your crash
    • Collect, review, and present all essential evidence for your case
    • Negotiate with tricky insurance companies on your behalf
    • Represent you and fiercely advocate for your rights, inside and outside the courtroom
    • Guide you through every phase of your case, helping you take the right steps to protect yourself

    When it’s time to file a case, there is no room for error. Make sure you have our experienced lawyers on your side, working diligently for the best possible outcome.

    How Do I Get a Truck Accident Case Started?

    When you contact our Houston truck accident attorneys, we get the ball rolling right away. We’ll do everything within our power to position your case for success. 

     After a truck wreck, it’s important to note:

    • Victims need to focus on getting proper medical care.
    • Missing a deadline can affect your rights to recovery.
    • Waiting too long to file a claim results in the loss of important evidence.

    When it comes to getting legal help, sooner is always better. We’re here to build your case and boost your chances of recovery. Hear more about how we can help with your truck accident lawsuit during a free, no-obligation case evaluation with one of our legal experts. 

    Save valuable time and avoid frustration by teaming up with our Houston truck accident attorneys today.

    How Is Fault Determined in a Semi Truck Accident?

    Many issues can play a role in causing semi truck crashes, which is why they require thorough investigation. Fault for a semi truck accident is determined by how exactly the wreck happened. Our Houston truck accident attorneys and investigators can help you figure this out by:

    • Carefully examining evidence: From the police report to accident scene photos, we’ll thoroughly inspect all the available evidence to help determine fault and craft a strong case.
    • Interviewing witnesses: If possible, we will locate and interview anyone who witnessed your accident. We’ll also work to obtain recordings from surveillance cameras, dash cams, and more in order to prove who is responsible for your wreck.
    • Conducting additional investigations: This can include revisiting the accident scene, working with trained experts and crash investigators, researching trucking company records, and more. Whatever caused your accident, we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of it.

    When another party’s negligence has hurt you, don’t get left in the dark. Talk to our experienced Houston truck accident lawyers and find out more about your legal options during a free, confidential case evaluation today.

    Should I Accept a Settlement Offer from an Insurance Company?

    In the unfortunate event you find yourself nose to nose with a big rig on I-10, you’ll probably be leaping at the chance to pay for some of the damages you endure. But a word to the wise: don’t settle for less than you deserve. 

    This can be tough advice to follow when you have no clue how to calculate what you deserve! That’s where a Houston truck accident attorney can help. 

    Don’t agree to any settlement offers from an insurance agency until you’ve had a truck crash lawyer professionally review your damages. Without proper legal counsel, you risk being tricked and taken advantage of. If you accept a small amount of money from an insurance company too soon, you forfeit your right to pursue further compensation.

    How Long Does a Truck Accident Lawsuit Take?

    Every truck crash is unique, and the specifics of your particular case will affect how long it takes to resolve. A truck accident lawsuit settlement amount – and how long it takes to obtain – depends on the severity of the damage, the identity of liable parties, and the availability of evidence.

    Cases take time to investigate properly, and cases that end up in court tend to take longer than those that can be resolved out of court.

    Below are the possible phases your truck accident claim may go through:

    • The Crash: The unfortunate kickoff. The sooner you partner with a lawyer, the better the outcome will be for you as you cope with your truck accident. 
    • Discovery: Your legal team will work hard to gather all the available evidence. They will piece together how your truck accident happened and how it affected your life. Your property damage, medical bills, and other expenses will be evaluated. You may also undergo necessary medical treatment or physical therapy during this time.
    • Offers and Negotiations: At this point, the at-fault party’s insurance company will probably make an offer. Surprise: it’s usually pitifully low. They will try to take advantage of you when you’re at your most vulnerable. This is when your lawyer launches into fierce negotiations and fights for what you deserve. 
    • Mediation: If a fair, satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, a third party will enter the fray to mediate and continue negotiations.
    • Litigation: If mediation does not work, you will enter litigation, also known as a court trial. Your lawyer will present all the details of your case and prove why you deserve to be compensated for your losses. Few truck accident cases reach this stage, as many insurance companies would rather settle out of court… but we are always prepared.
    • Post-Settlement: This is when your lawyer and your medical providers receive payment – and so do you!

    Trucking Accident Laws and Liability

    The commercial trucking industry has plenty of standards and regulations, but as you see above, they’re not always adhered to. Did you know there are also rules against overloading cargo, speeding, and even failing to take enough breaks? The smallest violations can result in serious 18-wheeler accidents, injuries, and even death.

    Most truck accidents are caused by preventable human errors, but sometimes these errors can be traced back to a trucking company’s inadequate training. 

    If a negligent truck driver causes a wreck, their employer may be liable for your damages. However, getting caught up in a truck company lawsuit can be difficult if you’re on your own. That’s why you need a dedicated semi truck accident lawyer by your side to help you determine exactly who is at fault for a truck accident.

    Aside from the driver or their employer, there are other possibilities: 

    If a mechanic performed a shoddy truck repair job and didn’t notice a problem, they may be liable for the crash. 

    If city maintenance workers created road hazards, they may be liable for the crash. 

    Other motorists may also be found at fault. Often, careless drivers can cause pile-ups with semi trucks and multiple other vehicles. That’s one chain reaction you don’t want to get caught up in.

    Can I Afford a Truck Accident Attorney?

    Absolutely. You pay us nothing up front. 

    Many people hold the erroneous belief that lawyers are expensive or complicated. Quite the opposite – truck accident lawyers can expedite the process of filing an insurance claim and take a lot of stress off your shoulders. 

    We collect a contingent fee only if we win your case. Reach out now and let’s align our goals.

    Should I Hire a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer?

    There’s only one way to find out for sure: contact our Houston truck accident lawyers for a 100% free, zero-obligation case evaluation.

    One car accident can change your life – but so can one victory with us.