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FedEx trucks are all over U.S. roads, transporting goods to individuals and businesses every day. While they provide an important service, FedEx truck drivers can still be a threat to other motorists. 

When FedEx truck wrecks happen, you can count on an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer at our 5-star law firm for help. We know your rights, and we know how to protect them. Our goal is your goal: seeing you make a complete recovery and get back to your life.

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What Causes FedEx Truck Accidents?

Several factors contribute to FedEx truck accidents. All too often, negligence is involved. Examples include:

  • FedEx driver negligence: Reckless or improperly trained FedEx truck drivers may speed, stop suddenly, forget to check their blind spots, or engage in other risky behavior that causes crashes. FedEx truck drivers are also prone to distraction and fatigue. 
  • Other motorist negligence: Other drivers and truckers can also act recklessly behind the wheel and cause wrecks, causing a chain reaction that could involve you and FedEx truck.
  • Negligence on behalf of FedEx: FedEx as a company may be accused of hiring unsafe drivers, failing to properly train drivers, and failing to inspect or maintain FedEx trucks.

Other forms of negligence: Unsafe roads, construction zones, and more can also play a role in causing FedEx truck wrecks. Various other parties may be liable when other forms of negligence like these come into play.


How Do I Determine Fault for a FedEx Truck Accident?

In order to determine if a FedEx driver is at fault for your accident, you need to collect evidence. A Houston truck accident attorney can help gather this evidence for you, including:

  • Accident scene photos
  • Vehicle damage and debris
  • The police report
  • Witness statements
  • FedEx truck maintenance records
  • A FedEx driver’s training records and accident history

What Should I Do After a FedEx Truck Accident?

If a FedEx truck accident happens to you, you should:

  1. Call the police and report the accident immediately.
  2. Get medical care as soon as possible, including scans for underlying injuries.
  3. Take pictures of the crash scene, the wreckage, and your injuries.
  4. Record names and contact information for everyone involved, including other drivers, any witnesses, and police officers who arrive on the scene.
  5. Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as you can.
  6. Keep copies of all photos, receipts, medical bills, correspondence from insurance companies, and other items you have related to the accident.
  7. Talk to our Houston FedEx truck accident lawyers to find out more about your legal options.

Equally important to your claim, here’s what not to do after a truck accident:

  1. Guess about the facts of the accident.
  2. Admit blame or apologize for the crash.
  3. Delay reporting the accident or getting medical care.
  4. Provide a recorded statement to insurance companies.
  5. Accept a denial of your claim or early settlement offer.

Insurance companies take advantage of crash victims. Don’t let them kick you while you’re down. Consulting a Houston truck accident lawyer helps you protect your rights and avoid these common mistakes.

What Compensation Comes from a FedEx Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Settlements and awards for FedEx truck accident cases compensate victims for the pain, financial loss, and suffering they endure as a result of the wreck. These damages, which may be similar as the compensation available for UPS accident claims, can include (but are not limited to): 

  • Past and future medical bills and physical therapy
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Damaged or destroyed property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral and burial costs, in the event of fatal FedEx accidents

While the devastating damage of a FedEx truck accident cannot be undone, the compensation from these cases can go a long way toward getting you back on track. Let a trusted Houston motor vehicle accident lawyer help. 

Does My Accident Justify Hiring a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer?

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