News & opinion Roadway Lighting and Safer Semis

Roadway Lighting and Safer Semis

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Semi accidents are among the deadliest on our roads, and states are exploring different ways to reduce their frequency. One such tactic is improved roadway lighting. Only 25 percent of driving in the United States takes place at night, yet the nighttime fatality rate remains the same as the daytime rate. This means that nighttime driving is three times as deadly. Improving visibility by adding and improving our roadway lighting systems could lead to safer nighttime driving.

Safer Semis

To drive a big rig safely, the driver must be able to see the road clearly. Driving is a predominantly visual task, and dim lighting can prevent drivers from observing other vehicles and obstacles on the road. The U.S. Department of Transportation has pooled studies that highlight the significant safety boon that improved highway lighting can provide. Ultimately, they find that improving the lighting on our roadways can reduce collisions by nearly 50 percent and can decrease the number of fatal accidents by nearly 50 percent as well. Such studies have also been conducted internationally with similar positive results.

Enhanced Safety Efforts

Improving safety on the road is always the goal and governmental agencies continually endeavor to find implementable and affordable strategies. Although road reconstruction and reconfiguration could help make our roads much safer, it is cost prohibitive. Improving and increasing roadway lighting is a cost-efficient alternative that provides a significant safety return. The Department of Transportation finds that roadway lighting is a proven countermeasure for nighttime driving.

Traffic Safety and Personal Security

Improved roadway lighting not only enhances traffic safety but also provides enhanced personal security for pedestrians, cyclists, and road workers. Working, walking, and riding in deep shadows and darkness are obvious personal security risks, and improved roadway lighting can help diminish such risks.

All told, improved and increased roadside lighting can help to make our highways and byways safer for everyone. Semi accidents are among the most horrific accidents on the road, and all drivers should take it upon themselves to pay attention to these behemoths of the open road and to share the road safely.

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