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Hurt in an accident? You need someone who not only knows your rights but protects them too. Reach out to speak to a Katy personal injury lawyer today!

Most accidents are preventable, yet they still happen thanks to carelessness. If someone else’s negligence left you injured, you shouldn’t get stuck with the bill.

As part of the Greater Houston area, Katy sees its fair share of catastrophic accidents. Incidents like slip and fall accidents, car accidents, workplace accidents, commercial truck accidents, construction site accidents, and pedestrian accidents injure people around Katy on a daily basis.

Sometimes, lives are lost or changed forever.

If you suffered an injury in an accident, we’re here for you. Discuss your rights with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you can, and maximize your chances of recovery. You don’t deserve any less.

At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, our entire team of lawyers and legal professionals know the difference they can make for victims in need. We understand the stress, pain, and panic you are going through. That’s why we have representatives available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, absolutely free.  Help is nearby.

If you were involved in an accident, call our office today at 800-898-4877 or share your concerns via our online contact form. Our legal team consists of skilled negotiators and aggressive litigators ready to get you the compensation you deserve. We offer completely free case evaluations with no risks and no obligations, and you pay us nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer near you in Katy, TX, call our office today to schedule your free consultation with a dedicated Katy personal injury law firm.

Since establishing our headquarters in Houston, Texas in 1999, our firm has grown to numerous locations across the country, including hubs in Dallas, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Along the way, we’ve built a trusted network of partners throughout all 50 states who share our values and our commitment to excellence.

**No matter where you are, it’s our mission to insure that you have the finest representation for your case.**

Reach out now to learn more about how we can help.

Katy, Texas Accident Statistics

People are injured in accidents in Katy every day – sometimes with disastrous consequences. To put the issue into perspective, Katy accident statistics collected by the Texas Department of Transportation in one recent year highlighted 493 total crashes – that’s nearly 10 per week.

While Katy has a population of over 19,000, you might think these numbers are negligible. But the truth is that even one life lost is still too many.

Our Katy personal injury law firm is dedicated to holding careless drivers and negligent individuals accountable for the damage they cause. We are here to protect your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Sets Us Apart? Client-Focused Care & Compassion 

At the law office of Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, we treat every client with the respect and compassion they deserve.

When you partner with us, you’re a person, not a case number.

This client-focused attitude is the cornerstone of the legal team at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers. We understand the stress and hardship you face when your life has been interrupted by an accident. One accident can change your life, but so can one victory with us.

Qualified to Handle a Wide Variety of Personal Injury Claims

Our Katy personal injury law firm is qualified to handle personal injury claims arising from any incident. While each personal injury case is unique, under Texas law, if an accident the result of someone’s negligence, injured victims can recover compensation for their losses.

As a seasoned personal injury law firm headquartered in Texas, we handle a variety of cases. The board-certified attorneys at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers are prepared for whatever comes their way, including:

Don’t Try to Fight the Insurance Company Alone

Most personal injury cases settle out of court. This means the insurance company and the victim come to an agreement about how much the insurance company will pay in order for the victim to release the other party from any liability. In fact, in many cases, a lawsuit is never even filed!

But swift settlements are not always in your best interest. Insurance companies want to keep their profits tidy and avoid paying you what you are owed. You might not know what you’re entitled to, but it’s our job to! Hire a Katy law firm that will represent you and stand up against unfair insurance adjusters. Never sign or accept anything from an insurance company until you have received legal advice.

A personal injury lawyer will take the time to listen to your story and learn how your injuries have affected you. Accidents have a ripple effect, sending shockwaves through your personal and professional life for weeks or months. Piecing together this “big picture” allows us to go after the largest settlement we can. We can connect you with the local resources and experts you need to help strengthen your case and make a full recovery.

It can be hard to put a price tag on your pain and suffering, but with diligent recordkeeping, a Katy personal injury lawyer can help you calculate the value of your accident claim.

Remember, once you settle a case, there’s no going back. Don’t get slammed with unexpected bills in the future. With so much on the line, it’s imperative that you retain a law firm who won’t hesitate to take a case to trial if the insurance company refuses to play fair.

Katy Personal Injury FAQ

Most people don’t give much thought to hiring a personal injury lawyer… until the day they get injured, deal with persistent aches and pains, get hit with huge medical expenses, and start losing income from missing work. Only then do they start wondering if a personal injury lawyer can help.

Of course a lawyer can help, as long as you hire the right one!

Below you’ll find the answers to your questions about what a Katy personal injury lawyer can do for you, and how to find the right lawyer for your Katy personal injury case.

What is personal injury law?

Personal injury is an area of the law that deals with obtaining financial compensation for an injury caused by someone else’s careless, reckless, or intentionally harmful actions.

Some of the more common types of personal injury claims involve:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Ridesharing/Uber/Lyft accidents
  • Cycling accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Aircraft accidents
  • Scooter accidents
  • Slip/trip and fall accidents
  • Accidental drownings in swimming pools

This is just a sampling of personal injury scenarios; there are many others out there.

By the same token, these scenarios can result in a wide range of catastrophic or fatal injuries to the victim involved, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burns and scars
  • Crushed or traumatically amputated limbs
  • Internal injuries
  • Complex fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries

No matter what kind of injury you suffered or how it happened, a Katy personal injury lawyer can get to the bottom of it and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

What is a personal injury lawsuit?

A personal injury lawsuit is one of the ways a person hurt by someone else’s wrongful actions can seek compensation for their injuries and losses. Lawyers for personal injury victims file these lawsuits to enforce their client’s legal rights against whoever harmed them.

What are some other ways an injured person can get compensation? Sometimes, lawyers for injured people do not need to file a lawsuit to get results. Just the implied possibility of the lawsuit can be enough to convince the legally liable person to pay up. Sometimes a specific type of insurance—like workers’ compensation—covers the injured person and makes filing a personal injury lawsuit unnecessary.

A skilled Katy personal injury lawyer can help in any of these situations. In fact, that’s a major part of any lawyer’s job: we figure out the most reliable and legally-correct way to acquire the money an injured client needs and deserves to move on with their life.

If I file a personal injury lawsuit, does it mean I am going to court?

Probably not! As we said, filing a personal injury lawsuit is a way to enforce your rights. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always end in a trial. In fact, the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits settle before a case ends up in a courtroom. (“Settling” means the case is dismissed in exchange for a satisfactory payment to the victim.)

Still, experienced Katy personal injury lawyers know that you can never be certain a case will settle without a trial. That’s why the best lawyers always prepare as if the case will go in front of a judge and jury, and continually sharpen their skills to win. If it takes a trial to obtain fair compensation for an injured Katy personal injury victim, our lawyers are prepared for battle.

How much money can I get from my personal injury claim?

The amount of compensation a person can recover for a Katy personal injury claim varies depending on the type of injury, the victim’s circumstances, and how much money the legally liable party has available (in the form of insurance coverage or assets.)

Typically, victims have the right to seek compensation for:

  • Past medical treatment and an estimate of treatments needed in the future.
  • Lost wages due to being too injured to work or needing to miss work to obtain medical treatment.
  • Loss of future earning capacity in the event your injuries are permanent and render you unable to return to the job you had before the accident, or unable to work at all.
  • Non-economic damages, such as physical pain and suffering, permanent disability, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

An experienced Katy personal injury attorney evaluates how much money a client has the right to receive in each of these categories. It might surprise you to hear about some types of payment the law allows!

How long does it take to get paid for a Katy personal injury case?

There’s no guarantee you’ll get paid. You need the facts and the law on your side, and a lawyer with the skill to put them to work for you.

The timeline for bringing a Katy personal injury case to a successful outcome varies widely. We have represented local clients with claims that take just a month or two to go from an initial demand for payment to cash in hand. We have also represented clients in matters that stretched over a year or more, which can easily happen if a case goes to trial or if there are liability disputes.

The timeline for your Katy personal injury case depends on numerous factors, most of which are out of your control. These factors include:

  • The number of parties in a case
  • The location of the accident
  • The amount of money at stake
  • The evidence collection process
  • The degree of dispute over factual or legal issues
  • The personalities and professional styles of the lawyers and insurance representatives
  • Your own level of financial need and other personal factors that weigh into how long you can hold out without a payment

Be sure to talk to your Katy personal injury lawyer about your priorities so they can plan a strategy to best serve your interests.

I was injured at work. Can I sue my employer?

Maybe! Unlike other states, Texas does not require employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employees as protection against work-related injuries and illnesses. Instead, employers have the option to purchase workers’ comp coverage.

In a workplace covered by workers’ comp, employees generally must file a claim against a workers’ comp insurance company to get the benefits to pay for their medical and disability-related expenses.

In a workplace with no workers’ compensation coverage, Katy-area employees often can sue their employers for workplace injuries. They may even have some enhanced legal rights that prevent the employer from raising certain defenses to their claims.

When you were hired at your job, you should have received documentation from your employer about whether or not workers’ comp covers your workplace. The employer should also post notices in work areas about whether or not you have the benefit of workers’ comp coverage. If you’re unsure, that’s okay too. Just talk to a Katy personal injury lawyer to discover your next steps!

What does it mean for someone to have liability to me for my injury?

In the personal injury context, liability refers to someone’s legal obligation to pay you damages for your injury.

That obligation kicks in when:

  • Someone owed you a duty of care, which is an obligation to keep you out of harm’s way. The exact definitions of the duty of care one person owes to another varies depending on the circumstances. For example, drivers have a duty of care to each other not to blow through red lights, store owners have a duty of care to their customers not to leave spilled liquid on a tiled floor, and so on.
  • Someone breached the duty of care by acting in an unreasonably dangerous manner that put you in harm’s way.
  • As a result of the breach, you suffered a personal injury, which most often consists of both physical and emotional harm, but in some circumstances may only amount to emotional harm.

At the most basic level, a Katy personal injury lawyer’s job is to gather evidence that proves these three circumstances happened to you. Then, they’ll use that evidence to convince the liable party to compensate you. This may happen through negotiations with other lawyers and/or insurance representatives. If the liable party refuses to pay, your lawyer will have to convince a judge or jury to award you that money during a trial.

Someone else’s insurance company wants me to give a statement about my injuries. Should I?

Absolutely not! At least, not without first getting advice from our experienced Katy personal injury attorneys. Insurance companies use some sneaky tactics to try and avoid paying claims, including calling you up and trying to get you to say something that undermines your own legal rights. Don’t fall for their tricks. Make sure you’ve got a Katy personal injury lawyer on your side first, before anyone speaks to a representative of someone else’s insurance company.

Where does the settlement money come from?

Some people harbor unwarranted guilt about “suing” an individual who has accidentally harmed them. The truth is you are not suing an individual, but rather their insurance company. In most Katy personal injury cases, the money you get for your injuries and losses comes from the insurance company that issued a policy to the person or entity who injured you. Sometimes, you might also receive payment directly from that legally-liable party, if they have the money available to pay you.

The main focus of every seasoned Katy personal injury lawyer is to identify every party who has a liability, so that you can pursue a payment from as many sources as possible. This gives you the best chances of getting every dollar you deserve.

How do I collect a settlement or award in my personal injury case?

Good news: that’s part of your Katy personal injury lawyer’s job, too! Typically, when a case settles through an agreement between the parties, the money gets transferred at the same time the parties sign the agreement. The payment usually comes into the lawyer’s client escrow bank account. The lawyer deducts fees and expenses as agreed between the two of you (see below), and then you get the rest!

In cases that end in a jury awarding you damages instead of the parties settling, collection sometimes gets a bit more complicated, but it ultimately works out the same way. And trust us: your lawyer wants you to get paid as much as you do!

Will I have to pay taxes on the compensation I receive?

Probably not at the federal level, and definitely not at the state level, since the Texas constitution prohibits an income tax.

According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, awards and settlements you receive for personal injury are not considered income and are not taxable in most cases. One exception to this is if you recover punitive damages. Because punitive damages are not damages relating to your injury and resultant expense, but rather are damages designed to punish the defendant for particularly reckless behavior, the federal government can subject them to income tax. Still, it’s always good to double-check with a tax preparer or accountant before you file.

What if I can’t afford a lawyer?

We have good news: you can afford a personal injury lawyer! Our Katy personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation where you can learn about your legal options.

Our Katy personal injury lawyers provide their services on a contingency fee basis. This means they work for you without receiving any upfront fee. Instead, you and the lawyer agree that if the lawyer’s efforts get you paid, the lawyer will receive a percentage of that payment as a fee (usually after deducting case expenses that you did not pay out-of-pocket).

So not only do you get a free consultation to help you decide whether to hire a Katy personal injury lawyer, but if you do, you won’t owe that lawyer a penny unless and until the lawyer’s work brings you money. How can you afford not to hire a lawyer?

If you were injured in an accident in Katy caused by someone else’s carelessness, you deserve to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. Contact our experienced Katy personal injury lawyers today and uncover the path toward justice.

Contact Our Office Today to Speak with an Experienced Katy Personal Injury Law Firm

If you’re searching for an insurance lawyer in Katy, Texas, look no further. Stewart J. Guss and his team have over 20 years of experience handling insurance accidents claims of all kinds. Whether you were in a car accident or a commercial slip and fall premises liability case, we’re here to help.

At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, we have dedicated ourselves to helping victims get the compensation they deserve. We are not afraid to take on large insurance companies that only care about their bottom line.

If you choose us to represent you, you pay us nothing unless we’re able to get you compensation for your injuries and other losses. That’s right: because we take all our personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, you will not owe us a dime unless we win your case.

If you suffered an injury in Katy, there is no reason to go it alone. The legal team of Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, is nationally recognized for protecting the rights of injured victims for more than 20 years. If you were injured in Katy, call now at 800-898-4877, submit your information for a free confidential case evaluation from a legal expert. We’re available for you 24/7, 100% free.

When your health is at stake, don’t take chances. Make choices. Choose our board-certified personal injury lawyers.

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-Karley B.

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