News & opinion 2017 Brake Safety Day Testing Results Reveals Many Violations

2017 Brake Safety Day Testing Results Reveals Many Violations

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Every year, thousands of vehicles with faulty braking systems remain on the road without the awareness of drivers. Faulty braking systems contribute to an increased number of auto accidents, including rear-end collisions and fatalities in dangerous or unsafe driving conditions. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), a coalition of industry representatives and local, state, and provincial officials, conducts a Brake Safety Day to inspect and promptly remove from continued operation any vehicles with unsafe braking systems—which, in turn, saves thousands of lives each year.

CVSA teams up with law enforcement throughout North America, Mexico, and Canada to ensure the safe working condition of large trucks and buses. To prevent accidents involving large trucks that cannot stop safely, CVSA performs tests on commercial vehicles to check for problems in brake systems, including antilock braking systems and out-of-adjustment brakes.

Dangerous Commercial Vehicles on the Road

In apportioning liability in auto accidents, victims must demonstrate the negligence of one or more parties who failed to meet the required standard of care in that situation. Failing to use due care in maintaining a large vehicle such as a truck or bus can constitute negligence if it causes harm to other motorists.

The number of commercial vehicles on the road without properly maintained braking systems may shock you. Here are findings from CVSA’s 2017 brake safety testing results:

  • Authorities conducted 7,698 inspections of commercial vehicles as part of Brake Safety Day, including 6,361 in the United States and the remainder in Canada.
  • Failed inspections forced 22 percent (1,680) of vehicles out of service and off the roads for various violations.
  • Authorities ordered 14 percent (1,064) of vehicles out of service and off the roads due to brake-specific violations.

Antilock braking systems formed a significant percentage of brake violations. CVSA counted antilock brake safety violations when the brake malfunction lights did not work or malfunction lights stayed on, indicating faults of some kind. Specific breakdowns include:

  • 5,456 air-braked power units required working antilock brakes but 11 percent (610) had ABS violations.
  • 3,749 trailers required working ABS and 14 percent (540) had ABS violations.
  • 821 hydraulic-braked trucks required working ABS and 5 percent (45) had ABS violations.
  • 49 buses required working ABS and 10 percent (five) had ABS violations.

Any commercial vehicle out on the road with a possible brake fault or malfunction presents an extraordinary danger. If a light comes on indicating an issue with the brakes, the driver or owner of the truck should take immediate action to repair the problem before the truck goes back out on the road. Unfortunately, many truck owners and drivers put off the matter and continue to drive with malfunction lights displayed, simply hoping that no problems occur. This, however, can prevent a truck from stopping and result in the truck driver crashing into other vehicles on the road.

Of course, not every report will cite a braking malfunction. If a truck could not stop and crashed into you, thoroughly investigate the state of the truck’s brakes. A trucking company that did not properly maintain the brakes or address a malfunction light could provide the basis of a negligence claim on your behalf. To determine what caused your crash, seek the help of a skilled truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Why You Should Hire the Law Offices of Stewart J. Guss

At the Law Offices of Stewart J. Guss, we deal with many automobile accident cases involving injuries where victims must correctly ascertain accident causes. Our legal team investigates and determines the true causes of accidents to obtain the best results for our clients. Safety reports are only one of many resources that make us able to produce winning arguments that prove the fault of large trucking companies and drivers in truck accident cases.

Other evidence that your truck accident cases can use:

  • Records kept by the trucking company or the truck driver
  • Citations issued by law enforcement officers for traffic violations by the truck driver
  • Arrests and charges for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Witness reports of dangerous driving on the part of the truck driver

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Our firm has handled challenging legal cases that involve victims in truck crashes who sustained serious injuries due to the trucking company or driver negligence. We can handle your case from start to finish. We know how to fully investigate your accident to determine the cause and to calculate all of the damages stemming from your injuries.

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