News & opinion Speeding Is a Factor in More Than 60% of Houston’s Fatal Accidents

Speeding Is a Factor in More Than 60% of Houston’s Fatal Accidents

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Speeding causes or contributes to more than half of Houston’s fatal car accidents. There is no excuse for ignoring posted speed limits and recklessly crashing into other drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists. The serious injuries that result can financially ruin lives and devastate families.

If you encountered a speeding driver while traveling in or around Houston and you suffered serious injuries, a Houston car accident lawyer can help you. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options for legal action.

Common Reasons Why Drivers Push the Speedometer

Pushing the pedal above the posted speed limit is something many drivers may—or may not—admit to doing. However, excessive speeding places drivers and others on the road at risk for serious harm.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports these top reasons for why drivers speed:

  • Running late: Whether it is for work, a date, or an appointment, running late is a common top cause of speeding.
  • Anonymity: The safety and comfort of one’s own vehicle can lead to feelings of invincibility.
  • Disregard for traffic laws: Some drivers speed simply because they care more about their own needs than the safety of others.

A serious accident caused by a speeding driver can result in more than just a speeding ticket. Individuals caught in the path of an out-of-control vehicle may suffer devastating injuries or even lose their lives.

If a speeding driver caused you or a loved one serious harm, a Houston car accident law firm can help you fight for compensation. Your damages may include more than just your medical expenses. To ensure that you fight for the best outcome possible, consider a free case consultation today to discuss the details of your accident. Our Houston legal professionals are here to help determine your eligibility to pursue compensation. Don’t miss out on the money you’re entitled to!

Why Speeding Is Dangerous

According to the NHTSA, speeding can cause:

  • Loss of control of the vehicle
  • Diminished effectiveness of occupant safety equipment
  • Increased stopping distance needed once aware of a danger
  • Increased crash severity, resulting in severe injuries

These are just a few examples of why speeding is dangerous. While these reasons may seem obvious, far too many Houston drivers believe they can safely speed. This form of reckless and aggressive driving places everyone at risk for life-changing injuries and possible death.

No one can predict sudden moves by other drivers or a possible distraction of the speeding driver. It only takes a second for a driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash into another car, pedestrian, or bicyclist. A speeding driver may also strike a fixed object—like a barrier or median—that causes the driver to lose control of the car or truck.

There is no escaping an out-of-control, speeding vehicle. The immediate aftermath of such an accident may overwhelm you as you struggle with pain and anxiety.

The reckless driver responsible for your harm is the one who should pay your medical costs and other damages. A Houston car accident lawyer will attempt to negotiate with the driver’s insurance company for a fair settlement. Most insurance companies will not want the time and costs involved with a trial and will work hard to keep your Houston car accident claim out of court.

How Insurance Companies Typically Approach Accident Victims

An insurance adjuster may call or visit you soon after the accident. The adjuster will most likely want to settle with you by offering you an amount of fast cash.

An initial settlement offer from an insurance company can be appealing as you worry about your bills. Serious injuries can delay—or prevent—you from returning to work, but the fact that you stopped working does not mean that your household bills stopped arriving. In fact, new bills for your medical costs can quickly pile up into more than you can manage.

The panic you feel about your situation can lead you to make a poor decision—such as accepting an insurance company’s initial offer. The offer may put money in your bank account, but those funds will most likely not pay for your long-term costs related to the accident.

A sideswipe, rear-end, side-impact, or head-on collision can leave you with a catastrophic injury. Accepting a settlement offer now and developing medical complications later is a bad combination. Once you accept the settlement offer, you cannot file another claim or a civil lawsuit for additional funds. This is why you must make careful and knowledgeable decisions when it comes to settlements. The insurance industry is a large industry that makes money by underpaying accident victims, or not paying them at all! Insurance companies’ efforts to protect their profits can prevent you from receiving compensation for the full cost of your injuries, which is unfair to you.

What may seem like a good idea at the time—accepting the insurance settlement—may haunt you later if your medical condition worsens. The turmoil of the accident and the major life changes that accompany it are enough to deal with; leave the legal complexities to an experienced professional.

A Houston car accident lawyer can fight for the compensation that fits your needs and not the compensation an insurance company wants to give you. An insurance company may go as far as to blame you for the accident.

With a Houston car accident lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that your attorney will work hard to prove the responsible driver’s negligence and liability.

If your accident was due to a speeding driver, you should not be the one to pay for your costs and other damages. This requires fighting hard and standing firm in your resolve for filing a Houston car accident claim and lawsuit. Give careful thought to telling insurance companies no, and say yes to a free case consultation from a dedicated Houston car accident lawyer near you.

The Road Ahead Following Your Speeding Accident Injuries

While it is impossible to predict the future, serious injuries can result in long-term costs and permanent disability. Paying for the care that you or a loved one requires can quickly land you in financial hardship.

According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, the lifetime costs of living with a spinal cord injury can cost millions. Special equipment like a power chair and home modifications to accommodate the chair are costly. Replacing the chair throughout the years and other expenses can quickly become unmanageable.

In addition to the long-term costs associated with a spinal cord injury are the related costs of injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): A bump, blow, jolt, or penetrating head injury can disrupt normal brain function. A TBI victim may experience issues with memory, mobility, behavior, and sensation. This type of injury may require long-term rehabilitation, therapies, prescription medications, and more. If your loved one requires more care than you can provide, you may need to place the individual in a skilled nursing facility. This expensive decision is something the responsible party should pay for, not you.
  • Multiple broken bones: The severe impact of a speeding driver can leave you with multiple broken bones. Depending upon the type of break, you may require prolonged physical therapy and surgery, as well as assistance with daily tasks.
  • Internal bleeding: An accident caused by a speeding driver may leave you with internal injuries. If a medical professional determined that you suffered internal bleeding due to your accident, consider fighting for compensation.
  • Road rash: A pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist who suffers road rash due to a speeding driver can face a long recovery. Severe road rash can affect layers of skin. If not treated properly, it can become infected.
  • Burns: A vehicle fire that erupts from a violent collision may require a victim to undergo plastic surgery and painful skin grafts. Recovering from severe burns sometimes requires extensive therapy for the emotional and psychological effects of such an injury.

These examples demonstrate just how quickly a speeding driver can change your life. If your quality of life changed forever due to a driver who ignored traffic laws, give careful thought to pursuing compensation for your damages.

Houston Speeding Accidents and Common Damages

Each Houston car accident case is different, as are the outcomes of claims and lawsuits.

The types of damages experienced by accident victims typically include:

  • Medical bills: The medical costs relating to your hospital stay and doctors’ fees.
  • Ongoing medical costs: Additional costs associated with long-term care, such as rehabilitation and therapies.
  • Lost income: The wages you missed due to time recovering from your injuries.
  • Loss of potential future earnings: The income possible if your injuries are too severe to return to your previous position.
  • Pain and suffering: The overall mental anguish and other related outcomes of the accident on your life.

If you lost a close loved one due to a speeding driver, you may want to consider pursuing a wrongful death case. An experienced attorney can help you file a claim and lawsuit, as long as your relationship with the decedent meets court requirements.

A speeding driver that causes a fatality must face accountability for those reckless actions. Regardless of whether the driver receives a ticket or faces a criminal charge, they should pay for your damages.

The unexpected loss of your loved one can turn your world upside down. WE know that pursuing a wrongful death case cannot fill the void left by the loss of your loved one. A legal claim can, however, possibly provide you with the monetary compensation necessary for:

  • Your loved one’s final medical bills.
  • The funeral costs associated with their burial or service.
  • Lost wages if your loved one provided for your family.
  • The loss of future earnings possible for your loved one if they survived their injuries.
  • Loss of inheritance for surviving children.
  • Loss of intimacy and companionship.

Texas wrongful death cases are complex and best left to licensed, professional attorneys. A wrongful death attorney understands how upsetting this time is for you and your family. Good attorneys will treat you with compassion as they learn more about your loved one’s accident.

A speeding driver who failed to use caution and disobeyed the rules of the road owes your family justice. While compensation is never promised, pursuing it with the help of an attorney can provide you with hope during a challenging time like this.

Time Is of the Essence

You most likely have a full schedule of appointments and procedures, all of which leave you feeling overwhelmed. Contacting a lawyer may cross your mind, yet time and again, you put it off.

When it comes to pursuing a civil case, be aware: time is of the essence. The statute of limitations waits for no one—Houston car accident and wrongful death claims must reach the court within two years of the accident or death.

Two years pass in a hurry as you recover or mourn your loss. Missing the deadline for filing your lawsuit is not an option and something the right attorney will not let happen.

The sooner you contact a law firm for your free case consultation, the faster you can set the wheels of justice in motion. You may feel alone in this fight, but hiring a lawyer can change that and make you feel prepared to face the at-fault party (or parties) in court.

Contact a Houston Attorney Today

The impact of a speeding driver on your life is something you likely don’t see coming. A trip to the store or your commute to work can turn tragic in a second. A Texas driver’s license requires drivers to obey all traffic rules, regulations, and laws.

If you or a loved one suffered serious harm due to a speeding driver—or you lost a close loved one—consider your next steps carefully. Contacting a Houston area attorney for a free case consultation can help you feel at ease knowing that you have legal options.

How you proceed following your accident can make a tremendous impact on your future. Whether you are unsure about accepting a settlement offer or do not understand the statute of limitations, help is available. Reach out to a Houston car accident and wrongful death attorney today to learn more about how retaining legal representation can help you pursue compensation and justice.

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